Five Reasons to go Rafting in Rotorua

If you are considering to go for rafting then you should surely consider the option of rafting in Rotorua. This town not only flaunts a clear crystal water but it is privileged to own a very interesting Maori culture. You will surely have a blast by listening to great stories from the people of Maori culture. All those myths and legends surely need your time along with a great gala time in rafting. You will explore more than just rafting thus you should consider Rotorua your next rafting destination. You will surely never regret your decision. This article covers an additional five ways which will make sure you are satisfied with the choice made.

Things to do in Rotorua

The rivers weave through the great forest and that is the scenery to enjoy. Your eyes will meet the scenic beauty and it is one of the best things to do in Rotorua . You will become closer to nature in Rotorua and experience mother earth closely. These rivers twists and weave through the forests which are so lush and rich in flora. Get ready for a packed journey where nature will be ready to impress you.

Okere falls

How can you miss okere falls? This fall is famous in the whole world and commercially well known for rafting. If you are a soul who seeks adventures at every point then go for this amazing place. You will surely get a great thrill after all this fall is highest in the world. They flow through canyons which is enough to make your excitement high.

Water conditions for White Water Rafting

The best thing about White Water Rafting in Rotorua is the warm water it provides. It offers the warmest river which flows in New Zealand. What else do you want? Kaituna river offers the warmest water as it is fed by lakes not by melting snow which will make you freeze and destroy your whole fun adventurous process. With the warm water, you will be assured that you would only be able to pay attention to your enjoyment of rafting ahead. As no more concerns will spoil your mood in Rotorua.


You can’t deny the fun of splashing rain during rafting. You surely will love the crystal water. Your thirst of water will really get fulfilled here at you will be surrounded by it from everywhere. It is sure to make your heart pump way faster than it should out of utmost excitement.


The best thing about rafting in Rotorua is that you are not restricted by the time and you are free to go whenever your busy schedule allows you to. Isn’t it great? Most of the time people can’t make plans because certain adventures can only be availed during a specific period of time. You are unbounded by the time. Get limitless fun at any opportunity you get. Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter. Avail this fun according to your ease. Get ready to tussle with the best water here in Rotorua. Enjoy year round with your closed ones.

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